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Thread: Lookups takes 2 attempts

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    Tony Watts

    Default Lookups takes 2 attempts

    I have several lookups that worked in v4.5 on the first try that now in v5.0 takes two attempts before the right record is filled.

    The first attempt always fills the first record of the group, then by going right back to the lookup, it will fill the correct selected record.

    Any ideas where I should look?

    As with most of my problems, I am once again probabley misses something simple.


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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Lookups takes 2 attempts


    Verify the lookup definitions in field rules. In a couple of cases I have had problems and when I've looked I couldn't figure out why they would have worked in 4.5. So either 4.5 was more forgiving or something didn't convert properly. In any case, once I recreated the lookup rule it worked properly.

    My symptoms were not the same as yours but perhaps the cause was similar. Anyway, it is easy enough to try.

    Please report back.


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    Alpha Software Employee Selwyn Rabins's Avatar
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    Default RE: Lookups takes 2 attempts

    what is the linking key for your lookup.

    is the linking key unique in the lookup table? it should be.

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    Tony Watts

    Default RE: Lookups takes 2 attempts

    Thank Selwyn.

    My lookups were based on just one field. "Model"
    I changed them to "Model+Year" and it now works like before.

    I really appreciate this message board. Most of the questions that are presented are over my head, but I usually learn something from each one.

    Thanks again

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