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Thread: Custom Menus

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    Default Custom Menus

    Please tell me where to find in the help books how to create custom user menus ie: Alpha Sports?

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    Hello Mel,

    A custom menu is normally just a form created for that purpose. It is considered good practice to create a very simple one field table. Then create your menu forms based on this table. Put buttons and hot spots on your forms to move the user through your application.

    Get to the control panel in the alpha sports database. On the form tab you will find a form called 'Main Menu' built upon the 'Invoice Menu' table. Right click on this form and select design and you will see how it is built.

    A little rational for this. In Alpha Five a form has to be built upon a table. Each time the form opens, an instance of the table is opened. So a simple table created just for the purpose of building menu forms means there is little overhead in opening this table. In earlier versions you could create 'card stacks' which were basically a menuing system. You can, in version 5, create Xdialog boxes to serve as menus, but if you are just starting out, you'll have more sucess using forms.

    You can also create custom menu and icon tool bars. You do this starting on the code page of the control panel.

    Good luck,


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