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    Jeff, Richards

    Default Xdialog

    I have an x dialog box that I defined on a onpush button event.
    It prompts for a Customer name and a manufacturer name.
    I want the result to look up all invoices for that combination and display a browse filtered with the above.
    Is there an action script coomand that captures the results of the dialog box and opens the filtered browse?
    Or do I have to use xbasic.


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    You can use action scripting. I assume that your xdialogs return values in variables to identify a customer and a manufacturer. These variables should be a related type and value to what you have on your invoices. For instance, if the invoice uses a customer code, your variable should return a customer code value. Same for the manuafacturer.

    Now, go into action scripting

    1. Select Form/Browse category
    2. Select open a form or browse action
    3. Select the browse layout name
    4. When you click Next a selection screen opens
    5. Select Records selected by a filter expression
    6. Click on the icon to the right of the filter box to open the filter expression genie
    7. Select first manufacturer or customer field and equal to
    8. Click on the up arrow in the right hand column
    9. Another screen opens and prompts for critereia - select specify a variable value.
    10. If you don't find the variables from the other action script dialog, enter the variable name in the box. Example: If the customer varaible is v_cust, enter var->v_cust in the box.
    11. Repeat steps 7 to 10 for the other variable.

    This will open the browse secified with the records filtered by a query filter specified in the second action script.


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    Jeff, Richards

    Default RE: Xdialog

    Works fine.

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