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Thread: Lost Field Rules

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    Default Lost Field Rules

    Last night I upgraded to 1330 - 1018 before making some changes in my application. I was only 1 or two patches behind.

    After quite a bit of other work, I realized that the field rules in one of my tables had vanished.

    This table is sometimes a child in a 1-to-many and sometimes a parent in a 1-to-first.

    I've compacted and tried a few other things to no avail.

    Any thoughts?

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    Default RE: Lost Field Rules

    If the field rules are completely missing, this would indicate that the data dictionary was lost or corrupted for the table (ddd,ddm, ddx files). You will probably have to reenter all of the rules. If you have a recent backup of these files, you could copy them over the current ones, but you would lose any changes made to forms, reports, etc after the backup was made.

    I have only had this happen if I have done a lot of design work and not compacted and there was a problem on a form or something that caused a lockup. If you are doing a lot of design work, you should compact regularly and save backups along the way. It is very annoying to lose days of work.


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