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Thread: Menu Options (Add Record)

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    Daniel Earley

    Default Menu Options (Add Record)

    I have desined an applicaton. My Main Menu has an option to go to Members Form. From the Members Form, one option is to Add Records. If I left click mouse over the "Add Records", I go to another Form ready to Add a record. Everything works fine. However, I would like like to add the option to be able to press a single key, "A" and I am ready to add anothr record. What I would really like to do is:
    Have an option on the Members Menu that reads,
    (1) Add Member Records

    This option would be run from a "on push" option.
    I would like to be able to left click the mouse (which I can do) or to just press the 1 key. This could be done in
    alpha A4V6/7, but I can't find it in A5V5. Can it be done?

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    Just change the label of your button to:
    (&1) Add Member Records
    then Ctrl-1 will push the button
    If you want to only use a single key you will need to write an on key script for the form.

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    Daniel Earley

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    Thanks! That was the way it was in A4V6/7. I had just forgot. Works perfect.

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