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Thread: Conditional Objects

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    Default Conditional Objects


    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have a report that I want to place a conditional object. This object is a BMP graphic that I want to have appear if a field in my database contains a value. Let's say for clarification purposes the value is "X".

    I get to the conditional object properties field, and assign Field="X" as the CONDITION, but then what about the LABEL column, and how do I awsign the bitmap as the thing I want to have display upon a true evaluation?

    Thanks in advance,

    Greg Williams

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    Default RE: Conditional Objects


    Make the conditional object large enough to hold all the items that you want to be included.

    Right click on the conditional object and at the top of the submenu will be the conditions that you have defined. Choose the condition and then place the items (bitmap or label) on the conditional object.

    I think of a conditional item and a tabbed item to be similiar, it's just that the tabbing for the conditional item is in the right click submenu.

    Hope that helps.

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