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Thread: Activation code

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    David Agan

    Default Activation code

    Hello to all,
    I have not been successful with activating the new version. This is because of an apostophe in my computer name. I've renamed my computer but have not been able to obtain any assistance with getting either a new code or assistance. I've also recently purchased a Laptop and would like to install the software but it won't take the activation code either.
    I am Loyal Alpha customer. I'm not burning or pirating any software. This activation code, after spending $345, is a real pain. I understand the protection of the companies assets, but $345 is not something that I can spend and then not be able to use the software. Because I spent the money, I wouldn't give $345 away to anyone. Sorry for venting but I am not a happy customer right now.
    Regards to all.

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    Alpha Software Employee Lenny Forziati's Avatar
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    Default RE: Activation code

    Call Alpha Customer Service at 1-800-451-1018 and they will help you with the activation process. You will need a separate activation code for your laptop since it (presumably) has a different computer name. They will also be able to sort out any remaining problems with your desktop activation.

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    Default RE: Activation code

    i am surprised that apostrophe in your computer name is causing a problem because we fixed this problem some time ago.

    in any event, the activation key for your particular license number and machine name is:


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