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    Ernesto Osuna

    Default ALPHA 5 SOFTWARE

    I being using alpha for 10 years and I always upgrade my software.
    since I have a very old aplication I don't know if It's worth it to go to version 5.
    I would like to try the knew version before buy. If it is not a full version product no matter but I will have a very good idea of the knew product. I have version 4.3 and I download version 4.5 (trial) and I didn't notice any change.

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    Default RE: ALPHA 5 SOFTWARE


    Your post does not contain a question, so I'm not sure if you are intending to ask something, or if you just wanted to make a comment. However.....

    A5 V5 is not just an upgrade to V4.5. It is a totally new product, and from my humble perspective, the best ever. There is not now a trial version of V5, although there have been a few comments on the messageboard indicating that there will be one at some point in the future.

    You can purchase a full copy of V5 on a 30 trial basis and return it if you are not happy. I would suspect that the folks at Alpha are still waiting for the first person to return their copy for a refund. The only comment I can think of, and it takes a while to even come up with this, is that V5 has so many features in it, I don't think I'll ever look at, use or understand them. You can truly build an outstanding application without writing a single line of code.

    Get it on the 30-day trial and you will keep it. Guarantee


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    David Day

    Default RE: ALPHA 5 SOFTWARE

    Hey Dave,

    We answered his question on a different message. This is a repeat question. Just so you know!!!

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    Ernesto Osuna

    Default RE: ALPHA 5 SOFTWARE

    thanks very much.
    I'll do it.

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