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Thread: User's Guide

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    Richard A. Froncek
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    Jun 2001

    Default User's Guide

    Just downloaded the "User's Guide" 'automatically' through 'Books.' Can't get there again, and can't find it to download again. Can't read or print it 'cause many pages are blank. Error's follow:
    1) There was an error processing a page, a font contains a bad CMap/Encoder.
    2) File contains information not understood by the viewer. Suppress further errors?
    The note with the download said it contains the latest Acrobat Reader to handle the file. Not so.
    I'm on Windows 2000 Professional.
    Many questions, and a User's Guide would be nice, but it must be readable.

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    Brenden Cobb

    Default RE: User's Guide

    Hi Richard--

    Please try downloading Acrobat Reader from the Adobe site:

    and see if that solves the problem.


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    Real Name
    Richard A. Froncek
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    Jun 2001

    Default RE: User's Guide

    Roger. Thanks.

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