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Thread: Upgrade to Alpha Five Version 5

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    George DeYoung

    Default Upgrade to Alpha Five Version 5

    Unfortunately, Alpha Five Version 5 no longer supports the "stack card" nor will it open on the previous version 4.5 sack card. The stack card is the main reason I prefer Alpha Five over MS Access! Now it seems to get a stack card you must make a dummy table, make a new form, and open Alpha Five to that form. There is no means to copy or convert the old stack card to a form. To create such a new form is very time extensive??
    Is there anyway to copy or create a ne form from tne old stack card??

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    Default RE: Upgrade to Alpha Five Version 5

    to turn a card stack into a form is pretty simple.

    edit the card stack in v4 or v4.5. select all of the object on the card stack and select the copy command.

    create an new empty form for your dummy table. then select paste.

    all of the objects that were on the card stack are now on the form.

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