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Thread: converting from A4 V6

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    Linda Meador

    Default converting from A4 V6

    What do I need to do to convert all databases to the new A5? When I do convert, will it include all letters, saved searches, indexes, etc?

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    Default RE: converting from A4 V6

    Nope, Nada, Nothing
    A5 won't convert anything from A4. It will use the same data, and convert it as necessary for A5. You will have to redo everything. This can be a big task if you have a big application --HOWEVER A5v5 has so much more capability than a4 that it is probably worth it. It will do a lot of things that are impossible with A4 or very difficult. Development can also be faster once you get the hang of it. (I'm still in the getting the hang of it phase)
    This board helps but plan to allow a lot of time to convert.


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    Default RE: converting from A4 V6

    A5 is substantially different than A4. You need to obtain a copy of A5 and use it to build some small applications to become familiar with it before you attempt a large conversion project.

    If you built the A4 application, you should have a pretty good idea of what features you need to figure out in A5.

    When you do decide to recreate your A4 app in A5, use a COPY of your data files and try not to work under a deadline.

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    Default RE: converting from A4 V6


    The only thing that converts from A4V6 to A5 are the .dbf files. Everything else must be recreated. Sounds like a daunting task, and it can be, but you can gain from it.

    I just finished doing what you are facing. It you want to get into A5V5, I think the best way to do it is to convert something with a purpose, rather than some abstract exercise. I printed out all my A4V6 scripts and, to the extend possible, recreated them in A5. As I went through that process, I found newer, better (some might say more elegant) ways of achieving the same result. Reports and menus have to be rebuilt, but that is a good thing, given the vastly increased capability you will find in A5V5.

    I also printed out all my report layouts, indicated what the dashed data fields were and replicated them in A5.

    I'm delivering that conversion in the next week or two and I'm certain it will knock my client's socks off. I'm really proud of the result and I'm sure you wil feel the same when you get your first application converted.

    By the way, what in A4 we called a database (.dbf), is now a table. What in A4 was an application is now a database.

    Good luck,


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    Default RE: converting from A4 V6

    I have gone from A4V2 to A5V4.5, now V5. As stated in other responses, the dbf. files convert without any problem whatsoever. Everything else is from scratch. As with any new application, after you have it functionally complete, run the two side by side -duplicate redundancy- until you are sure it is doing what you need.
    The good news is this forum. You can get lots of help. While A5 is powerful and easy to use for those accustomed to it, don't be lulled into thinking you will do this over the weekend. I expect the Murphy law of time estimates would be a good time approximation. Double the integer and one to the unit. If you think it will take 2 weeks, expect it to take 4 months. If you can remember back, your A4 app. didn't happen overnight either.
    Happy programming.

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