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Thread: Sending Email

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    Alice Heaney
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    May 2000

    Default Sending Email

    I continually get an error message 5505.1.1 - User Unknown. My online provider is Road Runner and I'm using the same properties that were in Outlook Express - pop-server,smpt-server, the same user name and password.

    I would rather use my AOL address - but not sure what to put for incoming mail pop or outgoing mail smtp.

    Can anyone help?


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    Doug Chanley
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Sending Email

    Hi Alice...

    Can you still use Outlook with the same settings that you used before? You might check with Road Runner support to double check your user ID to make sure its the right one.

    As far as AOL, I know that they have a hight speed connection now, but if you have Road Runner is your AOL account still open? If so check their support page for help with the email setup.... wish I could be more help :-(

    good luck!!

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