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Thread: Grace period expired

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    John Webster
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    Default Grace period expired

    I downloaded A5V5 yesterday and installed it today.

    I installed it on my "second" PC, where I normally try out programs without the risk of losing data on my "production" PC. A5V4 was not installed on this PC, but A5V5 Beta was previously installed there.

    The first time I started A5V5, I got the welcome screen with the box "Grace period expired" checked. I was able to cancel the subsequent "Activation request" form and then open a couple of databases.

    Now, however, if I cancel the request, I get a message that I must activate A5 and I cannot open anything.

    Have I done something wrong?

    Any information will be welcome.


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    Peter Langford

    Default RE: Grace period expired

    Hi John,
    If you look under the 'Help' -> 'Activate Alpha Five' -> 'Information About Activation' you will find the information you need. In short you HAVE to activate on each machine before you can use the program.

    Peter Langford

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    "Certified" Alphaholic Phil Rolf's Avatar
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    Philip Rolf
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    Default RE: Grace period expired

    If you read the info about the activation you should have a 45 day grace period. Maybe he needs to remove the beta first. Is the A5 icon directed to beta directory or the new directory.

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    Default RE: Grace period expired

    When I installed the A5V5 beta, it installed into a folder under Program Files named A5V5 beta. The release version instaqlled in a folder under Program Files named A5V5. The release version works fine, and I still have the beta installed, for some dunb reason. When I completed the registeration process, I received my registration key by return e-mail and once that was entered into the registration key box, the information about the 45 day period went away.

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