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Thread: Can't get through to sales

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    Van Jones

    Default Can't get through to sales

    We are in middle Mississippi and our phone service provider's main switch is in New Orleans, so you can understand the trouble we have been having. Our phone service is now back, but we been trying since Monday to place an order for v6 at the $99 price. The recording answers and puts you on hold, but I don't have time to sit on hold all day. I emailed sales earlier this week also, with no answer. I just left a voice mail also. Are there any problems at Alpha headquarters or are they just overwhelmed with orders?

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    Former Alpha Employee Brett Johnston's Avatar
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    Brett Johnston
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    Default RE: Can't get through to sales

    Hi Van,
    Our appologies for not being able to reach us, but yes, our sales folks have been extremely swamped with the promotion.I have sent you an e-mail to reply with your number, and I will give you a call to process your order.


    Brett Johnston
    Sales Manager - Alpha Software Inc.

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    Van Jones

    Default RE: Can't get through to sales

    Thank you for the quick response Brett. Order has been placed and registration email received.

    Great customer service!

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    VAR davej's Avatar
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    Default RE: Can't get through to sales


    Not to take ANYTHING away from Sales, but if you think that area of Alpha provides great support, wait until you start posting to the messageboard! The user support and the support provided by the tech side of Alpha will knock your socks off!


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