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    If one is willing to spend the extra time doing so, are there great aadvantages to using xDialog forms in liew of the standard A5 forms? I am looking for any way to speed up my app. I have a P4 3.4 gz with 2 gb of ram, but find tha A5 is a bit slow and takes up all of the CPU resources. I am a msAccess convert (although ai still use it some) and find access to be several times faster in screen refresh and probably code processing.

    Thanks - Terry Bryan

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    A5 should be pretty snappy on a PC like that. I wonder if there's something in / about your database that's the cause.

    Something worth trying is opening the sample Alpha Sports database that comes with A5, and seeing how well it performs. If Alpha Sports is quick, and yours is slow....

    Another experiment would be to temporarily remove your antivirus program and see if that improves speed.

    - Steve

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    Default RE: xDialog

    You've got some reading to do!
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2

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