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Thread: ageing report

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    vasant panjabi

    Default ageing report

    need to create an ageing report of total of payments due between

    0 to 30 days / 30 to 60 days / 60 to 90 days

    of `invoice` database

    besides creating the days past ` date()-inv_date`
    unable to proceed.

    any help would be most appreciated.


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    Mike Vance
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    Default RE: ageing report


    This is a Calculated field used in a report which shows aging balancesin a Sales Ledger application - in this case it calulates agings between 31 and 60 back from the global AgingDate variable. It works well in Alpha Version 5. There is a field in the Entries table set to Yes or No - you probably won't want the reference to that in the calculation.


    Hope this helps. Mike Vance

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