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Thread: 64-Bit Alpha Software?

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    Default 64-Bit Alpha Software?

    How far away is Alpha from a 64-bit solution?

    We are about to buy a new server and Windows Server 2003 (with a Terminal Services setup). We wonder if we should be looking at the new servers and x64 server OS that support both 32 & 64-bit applications?

    While we're on the subject, what about dual-core or multi-processor servers? Will Alpha Five work better, worse, the same or not-at-all on these? We only require a small 5-10 user client/server network. Our current peer-to-peer network is painfully slow for some (non-Alpha Software) applications.

    What about licensing? Will the upcoming Alpha Five Client/Server be licensed per server/processor/core? Apparently, the Web Application Server licenses are sold and installed per-server. Will Client/Server be the same?

    Thanks for your input,

    Dave Vaughan

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    Default RE: 64-Bit Alpha Software?


    Some notes on your questions. We run a very large network using alpha software. There are over 200 users. We have multiple servers and they are multi-processor running windows NT and Win 2k. Remember, currently, the server only serves out the data. Alpha is not, yet, a client/server database system. No user processing takes place on the server. All of that being said, with a 5-10 user network, you shouldn't need massive horsepower on your server. Buy as much power as your budget will allow, but don't overspend. Once using Alpha, you will find more and more applications that "just absolutely need" to become databases.


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