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Thread: My data is disappearing

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    Susan Schlueter

    Default My data is disappearing

    I tried searching but haven't found a similiar circumstance yet so I'm hoping someone can help me.

    I had an earlier problem with my posting rules but got that all figured out.

    I have a table which summarized all my new equipment info. In this table are two posted fields which come from another table called dates. This table has the activation date and memo field as well as a removal date and memo field.

    When I create a new equipment # based on following set. This set includes parent table NRT_No (creates sequential #), child table Master_Eqmt (new equipment info) and grandchild table NRT_dates (activation and removal dates). All tables are linked by Inv_No.

    When I use the form created by above set, I enter the activation date and it posts from date table to eqmt table and everything is ok. I would continue to use this set for my removal form but my Inv_No field in my date table is a lookup to Master_Eqmt does not work at the child or grandchild level.

    I created another set in which NRT_dates is the parent and Master_eqmt is the child. My lookup works and I choose a piece of eqmt that I want to remove. It displays the eqmt on my form including the activation date and was entered prior. This form only allows you to enter removal date. When it posts, the activation date and memo fields in my Master_eqmt table disappear and only the removal date and memo fields show up on the table.

    I have tried using prevent changes etc in the set rules but nothing seems to keep my original date entry intact in the table.

    I don't understand why this happens? When I look in my date table both entries (activation and removal dates) are there. The values in these fields are posted to my Master_eqmt table so I wouldn't think being on separate lines in the date table would matter. But everytime I enter a removal date my activation date disappears from my eqmt table.

    Help!!! :0)

    Thanks Sue

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    Susan Schlueter

    Default RE: My data is disappearing

    Hooray!! Sorry for the longwinded report but I tried one more thing after I sent the memo and found out how to keep my info in the eqmt table. Guess writing it out gave me some clarity. Anyway I used the prevent changes in only the second set not the first. Changed that setting and now I get the results I want.


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    Susan Schlueter

    Default Help! It's happening again!

    Go figure, I fixed this problem on Friday the 13th before anyone needed to answer my original problem.

    Today was my first day back at the program and I fixed some other problems I had from last week. Now when I run my form my orginal activation date is disappearing again when my master_eqmt table is updated with a removal date!

    I have tried every scenario in the book by placing the "prevent changes" rule at diferent levels in my sets and nothing seems to work. My original strand was done on May 13th under Disappearing Dates.

    Hopefully someone can shed some light as to why this happened other than Friday the 13th! :0)


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