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Thread: Problem with address lines in one field

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    Default Problem with address lines in one field

    I think I have an unsumountable problem! The guy who designed our website did it in Microsoft Access and he has the address data in one field. Now we want to compare things with our dear old Alpha program databases - we have Aplha4v8 and Alpha5v6 - but there is no way we can see to split up the addresses into separate lines, as the length of the address lines all vary (We are talking UK addresses). We have exported to an Exel spreadsheet, and the address lines show up one under the other in i.e.
    1 Egton Road
    North Yorkshire
    When saving as an asc file or a dbf file, the lines are in one long string. In Alpha4v8 there is a marker between the lines, which we assume represents a carriage return. If we could replace the carriage return mark with a comma we might be getting somewhere, but we don't know how to do this.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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    Default RE: Problem with address lines in one field

    Use the stritran() function as in

    string = "1 Egton Road " + crlf()+"Aislaby "+crlf()+"Whitby "+crlf()+"North Yorkshire "
    ? string
    = 1 Egton Road
    North Yorkshire

    ? stritran(string,crlf(),",")
    = "1 Egton Road ,Aislaby ,Whitby ,North Yorkshire "

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    Default RE: Problem with address lines in one field

    What is your ulimate goal?

    If your ultimate goal is to simply have the address on multiple lines as opposed to on a single line, then Stan's suggestion should work just fine for you.

    On the other hand, if you wish to have the street in a separate field, the city in another field etc., then simply import these fields from Excel.

    There is one twist however; you say that in Excel "address lines show up one under the other" :
    Is each address contained in one cell only, with multiple line? if so you would have to use justify() first, if they are contained in multiple cells vertically, use transpose() to line up all streets in one column and all cities in another column etc.

    Alternatively, you could import the field as such (one line) and later break it down to multiple fields using an update operation and the substr() expression.

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