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Thread: Confirming Posting Rules

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    Susan Schlueter

    Default Confirming Posting Rules

    I am working on several tables with common links. I was trying various methods of posting to each of the tables and just wanted to confirm if my thinking was correct.

    From what I discovered you can only post from 1 table directly to another table only.

    What I was wondering (because I have yet to make it work) was if you could post something from the first table to the second table and that same field from the second table to a third table instead of post directly from the first to the third?


    Table 1 - Field 3 is a calculated field (value of Field 1&2)

    Table 2 - Field 3 is posted from table 1 (child table of #1)
    This is now my main reference field (field #1 in table #2) for the rest of the tables to draw from.

    Table 3 - Field #1 is posted from table 2(child table of #2)

    What I found is that nothing posted to table 3 but if I changed the posting from table 1 to table 3 it worked. So am I correct to assume that you can't cascade post a field through tables or can you and I am doing something incorrectly?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Sue

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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: Confirming Posting Rules

    Susan, yes, I think you've reached the right conclusion. However, it shouldn't be too hard to develop a custom post script to stick the necessary value in the right record of the 3rd table. Might be a bit tricky to figure out when the script should run, but it seems to me that table one's OnSaveRecord event (in field rules) might be a good place to start. A lot depends on the nature of the app and the field values involved.

    I rarely post to child tables, personally, because there's uncertainty whether a child table record is already there to be updated. Most of my posts go the other way around, from child to parent, since I know there will always be a record there to receive the new value.

    -- tom

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    Susan Schlueter

    Default RE: Confirming Posting Rules

    Thanks Tom

    I thought I was going crazy at first with my main database because I didn't realize the problem. It wasn't until I created a simplified test database and recreated all the different scenarios that I discovered my problem. Atleast I know now, for the future.

    The reason I guess I was doing the posting in reverse of the norm is because I have different codes (nrt, par, msl)which I want to create their own individual auto incremented numbering sequences. I haven't been able how to do this all in one table, so I create individual tables for each code to autocrement.

    example Table 1 (parent) is created for my NRT inventory #'s nrt2000, nrt2001 etc to establish a sequence for the user when they set up new equipment.
    Field 1 - Code (3letter code from lookup table - codes)
    Field 2 - Number (autoincremented field)
    Field 3 - Inv_No - Calculated field Code+Number

    Field 3 is posted to child table #2 Master_Eqmt - Inv_No (all my eqmt for each code (NRT, PAR etc) goes to this table). Inv_No in table #2 now sets the basis for a lookup for other tables that need info from master_eqmt (it is in essence my parent table) The user would enter the new eqmt info in the table.

    Table 3 is a Date table and child to Master_Eqmt. It stores the activation and removal dates of each piece of eqmt and posts those dates back to the Master_Eqmt table. It's link field is Inv_No. When my end user wants to remove eqmt, they use Inv_No in table 3 to lookup table 2 Inv_No which will display the any Inventory # and corresponding Activation Date and Removal Date in the lookup window. Posting the Inv_No to this table is where my problem started. I have changed the posting rule for this table to come directly from table 1 instead now since all my tables have a 1 to 1 relation.

    My forms are all created from a set
    Parent - NRT_no Linked by Inv_No with 1to1 relation to
    Child - Master_Eqmt Linked by Inv_no with 1to1 relation to
    GrandChild - NRT_date Linked by Inv_no with 1to1 relation

    I'm in the process of adding a second code sequence in to see if any conflicts are going to arise anywhere else. It seems like a lot of work and repititon but I'm hoping I'm on the right track.

    I'm still pretty new to this but I like what I have accomplished so far in my master database, but from your expert opinion am I on track with my thinking or this in an awkward way of doing things. Is there any easier way of creating this sequence?? I've tried different scenarios over the last week in my test database and this one seems to be the only one I can make work so far.

    Wracking by brains for the best way to do this. :0)

    Thanks so much


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