I have about 1600 scanned photos (some color, some black and white) in a database for a museum. These are JPG and fairly large because they will be used for printing. The database is set up specifically so that photos can be quickly located based on searching several associated text fields (like subject of photo, people's names, locations etc.)

I am using "image referencing" and am using the Alpaha6 "best fit" to automatically resize the image so that it fits on the form. The quality of the resized image is terrible. It looks like it might be using 16 colors or maybe 256. When I print the form, the image quality is fine.

The Alpha Sport example has a very good quality on its personnel display.

Do I have to resize my image and make my own thumbnail in order to display a quality photo? Or is there some other "option" besides "best fit" to make a better quality image on the form.

It seems like I ran across some coding in the help portion of Alpha5 that talked about "resizing on the fly" but I didn't understand why this should be done. Maybe because Alpha5 has such a poor resizing technique...

Any information pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. I am not a programmer, but can struggle through if I have to.

Thanks, VA Carlson