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Thread: Detail Table - Column Default

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    Kevin Willis

    Default Detail Table - Column Default

    When adding a new record to a detail table, I want the
    default value for a field on a form to come from the
    master table.

    How would I do that?

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    Default RE: Detail Table - Column Default


    I use lookupc,d,l, or n using the link index for the current record. Once your cursor has left the 'master' or header part of the form and entered the browse/detail, that 'master' reord has been saved. My example is an invoice in which I wanted the date of the invoice on each line of the browse, behind the scenes without user intervention.

    The field rule is calculated...

    It this example invhead.dbf would be your 'master'; INVO, the linking key, and invoice_nu the index name.

    I'll bet someone has a better way but this works for me and I understand it.


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