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Thread: Dragdrop list

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    Rosemary Anderson

    Default Dragdrop list

    The dragdrop list does not display correctly - only the top of the list (down to the three field selections) appear when it is selected. I have uninstalled every thing I could (and now when reloading Alpha Five it will not accept the activation code) and reloaded it starting with a new database, (happens also in Alpha Sports) and the problem does not go away. What can I do?
    Thank you, Rosemary Anderson

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    Volunteer Moderator Steve Workings's Avatar
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    Default RE: Dragdrop list

    Let's start at the simple stuff: Are you aware that you can re-size the list by grabbing an edge with the mouse and dragging it out? I presume you do, but it's the logical starting point here.

    - Steve

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    Rosemary Anderson

    Default RE: Dragdrop list

    Thank you for your reply, I guess it shows how thick I am because I did know one can resize objects, but I didn't try it on this occasion, I think because the dropdown list just appeared with only the top which I am sure is not its default size. At any rate, thank you for your help, it is now OK.
    I am just learning to use Alpha Five, perhaps I could ask you one more question (or should I make it a new Topic?).
    When I try to place a subform onto a form linked to a set, I just get a blank space appearing with only Subform,(Default) on it, - I seemed to have followed the instructions carefully - placing a Browse onto the form seems to work.
    At any rate thank you so much for your help with the dropdown list.

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    Default RE: Dragdrop list


    In general it best to: New subject = new thread.

    If you put a subform on your form, it will default to the default form if you have not created one. Right click the subform object (when in edit mode) and select the table, form, etc. You will need to create the subform (which is really just another form) first.


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    Rosemary Anderson

    Default RE: Dragdrop list

    Thank you for your help - I think I am getting my head round it now!
    Cheers, Rosemary

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