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    Ron Jones

    Default Genie

    I am a complete amateur and definitely not a programmer but I persevered with Alpha4 so am now, perhaps foolishly, into 3 days with Alpha6.
    Trying to use the form Genie to add a summary field but the genie does not appear.
    I have clicked the Genie tab on the fields available window and dragged a numerical field to the form but no pop up Genie.

    Appreciate some basic help with this

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    Volunteer Moderator Steve Workings's Avatar
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    Default RE: Genie

    The summary field genie is devised for reports, not for forms. You may need to create a calculated field for your form to display what you want.

    Howzabout telling us what you want this summary or calc field to do, and I'll bet you'll get plenty 'o help.

    - Steve

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    Ron Jones

    Default RE: Genie

    Thanks Steve,

    I am starting at the beginning and attempting to create a bank table with both sales and purchase transactions.

    On a form I want to enter the transaction amount and display the final bank balance.

    I initialy tried an "opening balance" field and then, after the transaction, a "final balance" field.

    I have then attempted to read the "final balance" as the PREVIOUS"record" in the next records "opening balance".

    This didn't work, I got attempting to read EOF messages,

    So I guessed another way was to create a summary total of all the transactions in the table... but I didn't get the Genie !

    Pretty basic stuff but its taking its toll...

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