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Thread: Printing problem

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    Kristi Kupka
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    Sep 2000

    Default Printing problem

    I am having trouble getting a from to print when I select a record that has been entered using version 6 runtime.

    I have 30 people using an alpha5 application to enter activity information. We have been using alpha5 since 2000. When I try to print the current record using the current form I have no trouble if it was an entry done using version 4, 4.5, or 5. If I try to do the same thing for an entry that was done using version 6, I get an "Error 1" error message and the preview window displays a blank page.

    The form (and its related set) was created using version 5.

    Help! I don't know what to do. I have Windows XP Version 2002, service pack 1 operating system.

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    Bill Warner
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    Apr 2000

    Default RE: Printing problem

    Here's a suggestion that might help, although it won't solve your problem as it is:

    Whenever I need a print-out, I design a report for the output - I never print a form. I used to, but had too many problems with showing the data that I wanted.

    If you create a report to look like your form (keep in mind that you can probably cut and paste a lot of it), I think you'll have fewer problems.

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