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Thread: tbl.fetch_find()

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    Zod Mansour

    Default tbl.fetch_find()

    Is giving me: Conflicting expression data type
    I use it like this:
    dim id as c
    id = SomeField.value
    tbl = table.current()

    The index is of type character. So what is conflicting here?

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    Former Alpha Employee JerryBrightbill's Avatar
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    Default RE: tbl.fetch_find()

    Fetch_find() uses the current index. If the table opens on the default, typically record number, then the function is using a numeric value for the find and you are inserting a character value. From the help

    "The Matching_Expression and the table’s or set's primary index key must have the same data type. "

    To use the function properly, first create an index on the field you want to use in the find. For example, if you want to finds a character id saved in the field "user_id", create an index that orders on "user_id" and call it something like "id_idx". Then add just one line to your code.

    dim id as c
    id = SomeField.value
    tbl = table.current()


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    Zod Mansour

    Default RE: tbl.fetch_find()

    That was it. Thanks. After putting the index statement things started to work.

    One question: If I modify the table, do I have to rebuild the index with any commands or are indexes built automatically?


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    "Certified" Alphaholic
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    Default RE: tbl.fetch_find()

    Check the User Guide section called:

    Overview of Indexes and Queries

    -- t

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