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Thread: query filter

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    Default query filter

    query.options = ".t."
    query.filter = ".t."
    query.order = "Cus_name_last+Cus_name_spouse_1+Cus_name_spouse_2"
    frm.=:form.ViewQueried("cusform_simple",query.filter,query.order,"")' display form

    I understand the 'options' (cause query to be discarded)
    I understand the 'order' (just an index to sort by)
    Why is the filter set to .t.??
    Will the form open if you do not specify the filter?
    ie ("cusform_simple","",query.order,"")
    Will the form open if the filter is set to .f.?????

    It's not an earth-shattering problem, I'm just curious as to why??????
    I don't want to experiment and crash my system...
    Been there, done that, not pleasant!!!!!!!


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    Default RE: query filter

    The filter is a logical expression. If you want to see *all* records, just set it to .T., otherwise set it to an expression that will return a logical value, like

    query.filter = "firstname = 'aaron'"

    Without the query.filter set, the form will open, but it will show whatever the default or last filter expression was.

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