I used the ODBC Import Genie to import an Access File, and copied the code snippet that was generated and placed that in the "on push" action of a button on the database's main form. Upon clicking this button, I received the message attaced. When disabling the line of code referncing the table that is linked to the form, the import of the other 7 tables works fine. I guess the form where the button resides holds that table open exclusively, and prevents the ODBC import from overwrtiing the table. Can anyone confirm this, and if this is true, is there a suggestion on how to design a form where a command button can be placed to perform the ODBC import from Access to DBF tables? I assume the table where the button resides cannot be part of the import, so does anyone have a method to handle this? Maybe create a dummy table that has a form linked to it where an ODBC import for other tables can be perfomed? Any help appreciated. Thanks.