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Thread: Colors on form

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    Default Colors on form

    It appears as though the text box control when bound to a memo field doesn't like to play nice. Mine has changed the color of the edit area on the control to green. There is no way to change it that I can tell ... in the background color under the Border tab, the color is as it should be ... rose.

    Anyone else having this problem? Also, it appears as though tht alignment tab which is present for type-in text boxes, is absent when the field is a memo field type-in box. Therefore, you can't change the justification of the data in the field.


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    Default RE: Colors on form

    Try using an RTF memo field. By right clicking on the field and selecting Rulers this can be set up for different styles.

    Clicking on the pencil icon brings it up a la word processor

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    Default RE: Colors on form

    you should not be binding a text box to a memo field.

    you should simply drag the memo field from the drag and drop list and place it on your form. this will create special control for the memo field that has pencil icon in the top right that allows pop-up editing of the memo field.

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