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Thread: Unable To Update V6

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    Gary Ryder

    Default Unable To Update V6

    Has anyone else had a problem updating their V6 software?

    After installing the software and checking it out, I attempted to use the "Check For New Version" feature under the Help menu.

    It said "A more recent version of A5 V6 is available."

    You currently have build 1531_2002
    The most recent version is build 1532_2003

    When clicking on the update:
    "Full Version" or "Runtime Version" update (I have a Runtime 3 User License), Internet Explorer opens with a blank screen and nothing ever happens.

    When I click on the "Help File Updates" I get a good download. Then I install the help file. But I am told I still do not have the latest build.

    Question? Is the help file the only update to this build?

    If not, anyone know how I can get this update to install? I'm stuck.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default RE: Unable To Update V6

    The links for the patches are implemented the same way as the links for the help files. The only difference is that the patches are EXE files while the help files are CHMs. Perhaps your Internet Explorer security settings are preventing you from downloading an EXE?

    In any case, you can download the updates directly from


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    Gary Ryder

    Default RE: Unable To Update V6


    Thanks for the tip. I was able to download the patches with the web address you gave me.

    I have not checked IE settings, but I'll bet you are right.

    Thanks for your assistance.


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