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Thread: Set Design

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    Default Set Design

    Hi again

    I have been trying to put multiple fields into one table (well over 700 fields), when I worked out that it would be far more easier to use a set and have multiple tables forming one and not doing a mass of calculations and repeat fields.

    I want to have a master table that will hold all the link to the other tables. The other tables will be 1. Client, 2. Salesperson, 3. Equipment, 4. Cable, 5. Labour. Each table (3 to 5) will also have there relevant pricing plus a mark up.

    I have set up the master table, then set up a new set. I want tables 3,4 and 5 all to appear on a browse in the form, but not having much joy.

    Can someone explain in laymens term how to work with sets. I have looked in the documentation but seems to be a bit 'wishy washy'. Might be something to do with watching too much of the olympics (Go Aussies !!!)



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    Jos Schaars

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    It's all quite simple:
    Create a blank form based on your set. Put the fields of the client table somewhat grouped on the form.
    For the equipment, cable and labour tables you would have to use the browse control (one for each table).

    The form would get pretty crowded with the client and salesperson fields and three browses, also leaving little space for the data in the individual browses.

    So it's better to decide which data you want to have always in sight (client data) and use a tabbed object for the other data/tables (four tabs).

    You could have a look at the Vendors form in the AlphaSport example database.


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