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Thread: working in two modes - advice needed

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    Default working in two modes - advice needed


    I am a web designer working with a friend who is a database programmer.

    We want to collaborate on a web and desktop database project and are keen to try out Alpha Five as software for this project.

    We need to work as two individuals on this project, and I am wondering if it is possible for my friend to independently design the database tables and desktop access version of a client's data, with logos, design colours and font styles etc. I would like to then 'web enable' his work as a separate part of the project, working with his materials and advice.

    This would help us manage the project in two phases, rather than try to do it all at once.

    Is it possible for me to turn his desktop databases, queries, reports and forms into a web version as a separate project?

    Your advice would be welcome.


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    Default RE: working in two modes - advice needed


    Anything is possible :) How did you plan on doing this? Will you both be accessing the db at the end location of where it will reside and end users will be accessing it? Are you going to have it on a server that will then be accessed via an intranet with the runtime or just the Internet without any internal access except? Will the desktop application be 'in use' ie records added to tables, etc while you are working on the web application?


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    Default RE: working in two modes - advice needed

    It sounds very doable. The web design of a web enabled database application can be can in parallel with the database work. If you have some prototypes web components and A5W pages created with Alpha Five version 6, you can work independently until it is time to plug in the finished web components. Maybe looking at some of the demos will make this more clear. Take a look at Web Publishing.

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