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Thread: controlling record changes

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    Jos Schaars

    Default controlling record changes

    Before a record is saved by the user, I want to validate several fields and eventually force him/her to make corrections for the record to be saved.

    I don't want to use the CanSaveRecord event of the table/set because cancelling then reverts all changes and the users would have to start all over again.

    Also the CanWriteField event of the fields isn't an option because the validation of some fields depend on other fields and can't be really done until all fields are filled in.

    For a form I can use the CanSave event, popup a message and activate the (first) offending field. But I miss an equivalent for the browse view.

    Any suggestions?


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    Default RE: controlling record changes

    Controlling data entry through browse layouts, or embedded browse objects, is much more difficult than with forms because (as you mention) the same events are not exposed for us.

    I'll be watching this thread, but I'll be surprised if there's an easy solution.

    I often resort to making my embedded browses read only, using them for navigation only. A button push can open a called form to collect information for the next row using a table based form. It's clumsier to be sure, but its controllable.

    -- tom

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