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Thread: expression builder

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    Default expression builder

    Have installed V6, opened a from I use constantely only to find my expressions used in a RTF container are not working. ie; I have a lookup field for cust, I select the ID and the expression fills in the cust name, add, etc. I went back to A5 and it's not working there either. Deleted the RTF and created a new one. The exp builder results were correct with all the info. Save the form and reopened it, expression not filling in. Went back to the form design, opened the rtf exp, noting in the results. Now I can't get it to work in A5 or A6. Any suggestions? jb

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    Default RE: expression builder

    For starters, once you open something in V6 you cannot use it in V5. So you should always copy to a new folder to try something in 6.


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