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Thread: Beta users offer..

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    Van Jones

    Default Beta users offer..

    I took advantage of the offer for beta users, but my beta copy has expired, so I can't get to the beta site through the software and I don't have it bookmarked. I did not receive an email to inform me that v6 is ready. Where do I go to get the copy of A6 and web server that I have already paid for?


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    Alpha Software Employee Lenny Forziati's Avatar
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    Download the A5v6 trial from our home page. It is a full version of A5v6 that will work for 30 days. Customer Service will be sending you your serial numbers early next week and you will be able to plug them right into the tiral version to unlock it.


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    Van Jones

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    Thanks for the quick reply Lenny. I also purchased the web server. Will that be a separate download? I didn't see a way to purchase the web server in the store. Is that just coming later?

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    Alpha Software Employee Richard Rabins's Avatar
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    The Web Application Server will be released sometime next week.

    Customer Service will contact everyone who has purchased V6 already with details shortly

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