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Thread: Would like to search by distance

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    Default Would like to search by distance

    I would like to be able to create a report that lists all of my client companies that are within a certain radius from a selected city. I have client addresses in the client table. It would be wonderful if it just worked based upon the city (rather than the street address). Does anyone know of a way to do this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've moved this to A5v6 from "forum support" which is for issues related to the message board only. If you are asking about a different version, let me know which and I will move this to the correct place.


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    This is doable using geo coding. By looking at the latitude & longitude of a zipcode (typically by looking into a table with this info), the distance can be calculated between 2 points on the globe. These formulas are widely published and available on the internet, including an example on Peter Wayne's site.

    However, practice can be a bit trickier than just applying the formula's. If one is not careful, they get divide by zero's and other errors if you pick a bad pair of input values.

    I have a package of Alpha 5 Geo-coding routines that are very powerful (and extremely fast - about .2 sec to search 50k records, compared to 30 seconds for most), but I am putting the final touches on the licensing issues. If you have an immediate need for something, contact me at the email below.

    Ira J. Perlow
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