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Thread: Application Server Setup

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    Default Application Server Setup

    I have several clients that are accessing an Alpha 5 database over a WAN link (full T1). I need a speedy solution for accessing that database for the remote users, so I was thinking application server. However, I'm having trouble setting up profiles for the users on the server (Windows Server 2003, Windows XP clients). When I start up the database application the users get a "Failed to update the system registry, try using REGEDIT" error message. Typically I would fix this issue on a client machine by making the user a power user, or local administrator, but you cannot do that on a server. Am I on the right track with setting up an application server or should I persue another avenue to arrive at a reasonable solution?

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    How did you setup A5 Runtime & the application on each client workstation and how are the users accessing your application on the server from the XP Workstations. Please elaborate further so that I or someone can give you the best idea.


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    Quote Originally Posted by creslinz69
    I was thinking application server.
    Are you talking about "Terminal Server" ot "Terminal Services"? If so, try doing a search for one of those on the various forums and I think you will find something helpful. Or maybe Citrix.


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    Take a look at this page of the documentation.

    Look at the -noassoc option.... It may limit some functionality for the user though...
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