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Thread: wcb.panes[]subelement not found ?

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    Default wcb.panes[]subelement not found ?

    Hi Guys,

    I am trying to start a brandnew webproject based on an existing database.
    Opening the latest V6 version (1600-2057 Full version) the following happens:

    1- Opening Web Projects Control Panel
    2- Clicking "New"
    3- Choosing "Alpha Five Web Component" > OK
    4- Choosing "Grid" > OK

    Results in error message:
    "Script: a5_wcb line: 851
    wcb.panes[]subelement not found".

    It does not matter if you choose "Dialog" or "Grid" at stage 4, both result in an error message however a different one.

    Starting a plain HTML page gives no error message.

    It does not seem to be just plain code related, because when I open any other existing database I AM able to start a new component, just not in that particular database.

    Does anyone have a clue ?



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    what is the name of the database?
    go to the interactive window and execute this command:


    i would like to know the full path for the .adb file.


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    Hi Selwyn,

    Thanks for stepping in this problem.
    These are the results:

    = "J:\WTI Welke Telefoon Informatie\WTI.adb"

    Please advise....

    Kind regards,

    Marcel Onck

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    Default Re: wcb.panes[]subelement not found ?

    I am getting the same error. Is there a known cause and a fix.

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