I have 2 table:

Table 1 = Ledger
Table 2 = Budget

Ledger table records have a cost code # field as well as a amount field. Their are many records with the same cost code # abviously throughout the year.

Budget table records simply have the same cost code # field as well as an approved budget amount for each cost code.

I have a set made up of parent table (Budget) with a one to many child table (Ledger).

I would like to setup a report with 5 columns

1. Code # Description field (this is part of table #1)
2. Code # (Table #2)
3. Budget Amount (Table #2)
4. Total Spent (Table #1 amount field)
4. Percentage remaining (this would be a calculated field giving percentage of code amount not yet spent)

Can someone help me with this?