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Thread: Calendar add-in

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    Stephen Manton
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    Nov 2001

    Default Calendar add-in


    I wish to develop an appointment diary to link with my patient database. Is the calendar add-in suitable for this? Has anyone developed such an appointment system?

    Steve Manton

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    Volunteer Moderator Steve Workings's Avatar
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    Steve Workings
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    Yes, Jerry Brightbill's calendar add-in would do the job nicely for this.

    - Steve

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    Kevin G. Timberlake
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    I second that! I use the Calendar addin in all my apps and love it, as do my customers. Very easy and a professional job! And may I add another plug for Jerry...Get his RCheck as well! i haven't been able to crack it yet and security is a must in this business...;)
    Kevin G. Timberlake
    Marvel Illusions

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    Rob Stokeld
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    Default Re: Calendar add-in

    I'm just about to write a patient appointment system for my Optical Practice in A5 V9 (which will eventually become a comprehensive system), and am struggling to work out how to apply an appointment diary. I'm now searching for this Jerry Brightbill calendar add-in to make sure I can do this before I write the detail of the database specification. Can anyone point me in the right direction please, or point me towards anything else that would be suitable? Thanks, Rob.

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