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Thread: Xbasic Code Editor split screen

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    Default Xbasic Code Editor split screen


    I'd love to have the ability to 'split' the code editor screen. Similar to how we can split a browse, only with the code editor I'd like to be able to split it horizontally rather than the vertical split we have with a browse.

    While writing scripts I am all the time scrolling up to see variable definitions, how I coded something, etc.

    Thanks for listening,

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    yep, ditto.
    Tim Kiebert
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    Neat idea!

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    Default XBasic Code Editor

    Sort of the way Dreamweaver does it. You can view the code editor, a rendering of the code (sort of how it would look in a browser), or split the screen and see both views.

    Jim's idea would be a slick feature.
    Dave Jampole

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