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Thread: Replacing Images in Image File Reference fields

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    Default Replacing Images in Image File Reference fields

    I am currently building a table which I am planning to host on the Alpha server. Each record belongs to an individual user for whom I want to give the ability to edit his/her, own images and detail. This data is stored in an Alpha table and the field type for the images I made “Image File Reference”.
    1. How will I be able to facilitate the uploading of images to the individual’s record on the site? (and also url and emai details)
    2. Will I be able to use xBasic to give the user a character count on a specific field while he/she is typing in the detail? (I want to limit the characters to 200)

    Many thanks,

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    Don't know if this will help or not, but...

    In the version 6 web application server, it was not possible for a user to upload files across the internet. If memory serves me correctly...and many times it doesn't, Alpha was considering adding this functionality to the WAS at a later date. I don't know if this made it into version 7 or not.

    Personally, I see this as a pretty important feature.

    You might also want to consider re-posting this question in the V7 Web Application Server Forum.

    Good Luck


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    Peter Take a look at and you can see how I did it.
    you won't see the photo up load page unless you are logged in. I'll give you my password in a private message


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