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Thread: NetMailer & Alpha Five v7 Compatibility

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    Default NetMailer & Alpha Five v7 Compatibility

    I originally purchased Alpha Five v6 along with NetMailer earlier this year. Since then, I have upgraded to Alpha Five v7, but have since needed to do a complete uninstall/reinstall of the software. Now, when I go to install NetMailer, InstallShield gives me a dropdown menu to select either Alpha Five v5 or v6.

    Should I select v6 and see how it goes, or is there some newer version of NetMailer that is required to function with Alpha Five v7? According to the file version and modified timestamp of the installation file, it is version and was modified on February 7, 2005. Do I need an update for this?


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    Redownload Netmailer using the original download link you were sent.
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