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Thread: Need Help with Table Pointer

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    Default Getting Table Pointer to New Form in Same Set

    I am trying to open a new form in the same set, while maintaining the current record and order. Essentially, a toggle between forms but with different window dimensions.

    I have tried various methods, but the simplest seems to be to define a global variable N with TBL. logicalrecord_get() on the first form, open the second form, and set the current record with TBL.logicalrecord_set(N).

    This method works if I put the TBL.logicalrecord_Set() on the OnActivate event of the second form, but I'm trying to create a global script that I can attach to a toolbar.

    What happens now is that the TBL.logicalrecord_set() is operating on the first form, not the second. If I close the first form before opening the second, it still doesn't work. The TBL pointer seems to stay with the primary table in the first form.

    I guess my question is how do I get a pointer to the primary table in the second form so that the TBL.logicalrecord_set() works.

    Or, if there's a better way to toggle to another form, please tell me how.

    Below is my current script, which is 3 Action Script steps converted to Xbasic:

    Step 1
    'Execute inline Xbasic code.
    dim tbl as P
    dim global n as n
    tbl = table.current()
    n = tbl.LogicalRecord_Get()
    Step 2
    'Open a Form or Browse layout, displaying all, or selected records in the layout.
    DIM Shared varP_PullBrowse as P
    DIM layout_name as c 
    layout_name = "PullBrowse"
    DIM tempP as p
    'Get pointer to existing window. In case layout_name is qualified with a dictionary name, extract up to first @. In case formname has spaces, normalize it
    'Test if pointer is valid
    if is_object(tempP) then 
    	'Test if pointer refers to a form or browse
    	if tempP.class() = "form" .or. tempP.class() = "browse" then 
    		'If so, then activate the already open window
    		'Window is not already open, so open it
    		varP_PullBrowse = :Form.view(layout_name)
    	end if
    	varP_PullBrowse = :Form.view(layout_name)
    end if
    Step 3
    'Execute inline Xbasic code.
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    Hello Bill,

    >>I guess my question is how do I get a pointer to the primary table in the second form so that the TBL.logicalrecord_set() works.<<

    I don't understand why you are using the *.logicalrecord_get() and set() methods. Honestly I have never used them. I don't understand why you'd need to logical position in the second form anyway. Here's how I'd do it:

    vRecord = table.get("PrimaryTableName").recno()
    vForm = form.load("SecondFormName")
    If you want the second form to be in the same order as the first form, just make sure that the same index or query is set for the second form.

    You'd need to deal with navigations issues with the second form if you didn't want the user to be able to navigate away from the record.

    But I may not be understanding what you are wanting to do with the logical record.

    Good luck,
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    Bill Campbell
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    Feb 2001


    Thanks. That works great. I was obviously making it much more difficult than necessary. I just assumed that if it searched by record number it would change the order on the called form to record number order.

    I should have asked for help two (long) days ago.

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