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Thread: Percent Format?

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    Default Percent Format?

    I have a numeric field that records a sales tax rate. Right now, users enter "0.07" for seven percent. Is there a way of formatting the field so that they see "7%" (or "8.56%") when entering data and Alpha is "smart enought" to store it as 0.07 or 0.0856?

    The standard "percent" format simply displays something like "0.07%" which isn't what I want.

    Yes I do realize that the alternative is let users enter 7.00 and for me to divide by 100 whenever I actually use the sales tax rate :). I was just wondering if there was another way around....
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    Default An idea

    Hi Lawrence

    Here is one idea. Please look at the zip file attached. You could also use a calculated field on the form, etc.

    Good Luck


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