A common concern in web applications is the wait time for the next page to appear. During that time, the user can get impatient and start clicking around, causing problems.

I've found that the wait time can be significantly reduced by placing the page heading in a separate page and calling it with a5w_include(). This doesn't reduce the total wait time, but it moves to the new page quickly and displays the header. The user knows something is happening, and there are no extra click problems.

Here is the code I use:
<html><head><meta name="generator" content="Alpha Five HTML Editor"><title>Chart of Accounts</title>
Dim vHelpName as C
'==== Start the Accounts component ====
The first include is the login test that ensures the user is logged in.
The second include checks the security level of the user to make sure he can access this page.
The third include draws the header.

Since my header includes a help button, vHelpName hold the name of the help page.

The header is shown in the attachment.