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Thread: Manual for Alpha5V7??

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    Default Manual for Alpha5V7??

    I have been using Alpha4V3 since it came out (10 years?) I kept my customer info and reports with it. Back then it came with a Manual and I developed my forms and report formulas with it. I've been trying out Alpha5V7 but find the tutorial rather fragmented and hard to use when trying to develop forms and reports to transfer my data to. I'd like to change over to the windows based Alph5V7 as the Alpha4V3 is DOS based and rather hard to implement in windows. Is there any Manual or book that one can use similar to what was available with the old DOS version?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    First off, I don't think there's a manual for v7 yet, but the difference between v6 and v7 isn't much (except on the web app side). So, if you want a book, look into one on v6.
    In my opinion, don't waste your money on the Pace book. You can buy it here I bought it, but was disappointed. It's more of a training manual. The examples might be easier to follow and more interesting if you were taking the class, but as a stand alone book-- ugh.
    The other place to get a book is Her books look much better-- more like books. The newsletter has a few of her chapters you can look at. Check it out here:,b3lm189C

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    There are a number of books available in Alpha's online store:

    The last one (Alpha Five Made Easy) is getting a bit out of date, but is a good starting point for someone coming from Alpha Four.

    The reference I use personally is the Alpha Five Help file ( in CHM format). This consolidates into one large help file all the key references. Very handy, especially once you get going. Some find it difficult to use initially because to find things electronically you have to know what to look for. Once you get a bit further up the learning curve you'll find it indispensable.

    -- tom

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    I have just finished proofreading Susan Bushes new book "Alpha 5 made easy for V7". I believe it is now being printed & should be out very soon. I would wait for it. There is no point in ordering the older ones.


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