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Thread: Change "New record line" text on browses-How?

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    Default Change "New record line" text on browses-How?

    Good morning,

    I want to change the text, "New record line" in Browse Properties, to "New". When I edit this text in the Browse Properties and save, it reverts back to <New record>. How do I make it read "New", and not <New record> ? I've tried it with and without the <>, and with and without quotation marks.

    What I'd really like to do is to add four buttons to the bottom of my browses for: Save, New, Previous, and Next. I dont' see a way to place these buttons on a browse, however. My browses are embedded in a tabbed object.

    Thank you for any insight anyone can give me.


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    Default BITMAPS as BUTTONS with hotspots

    Use bitmaps and hotspots as you would in a webpage. Placement will not be dynamic however. Works real well for forms with embedded browses.

    Not sure what is going on with your browse not accepting new record text. I will try tonight to see if my still does, it has in the past. I believe I simply add text no <> or Quotation marks

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