I have a character field in a grid component defined as a radio button control. The choices are dynamically loaded from a data table. I am not having any trouble with adding or updating records, so the grid and the control are working ok. However, I need to look at the choice prior to updating and so am wanting to check the value in the CanUpdateRecord event.

For other character fields in the grid defined as text box controls, if a value is shown on the grid then eval_valid(DataSubmitted.OtherField) returns True in the event handler, and if no value is entered into the text box eval_valid() returns False. This behavior is described in the Help file and here in the forum.

However, what I am finding with the radio button control is that eval_valid(DataSubmitted.RadioBtnField) will return .F. whether or not any of the radio buttons for the choices are checked. I would of expected the value of DataSubmitted.RadioBtnField to be the text for the radio button that was checked (which is the value that gets updated to the data table).

Does the radio button control need to be handled differently in the event, or is there a configuration issue I need to address? Any ideas would be welcome.