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Thread: Can't set default number in CODE field

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    Default Can't set default number in CODE field

    I have asimple inventory database. The first field is CODE and is incremented automatically by one with each new entry.
    Somewhere i picked up a number of 9900 instead of where I should be at 3291. I can manually go in and change the numbers to what they should be and I've tried to reset the "startiing " number by puting "3291" in the slot for "What is the starting number" but when I eenter a new record and hit enter, the record I just entered changes to 9900 and the next field it then 9901. Where is it getting this wrong default number and how can I get it to be the number I want it to be?
    I've got lots to enter and don't look forward to going back and changing them all manually.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Steve Garman

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    The auto increment takes the number from the highest number in the index plus one more. Go into field rules and temporarly make the field a user entered field. Then delete the offending record and pack the table. Then reevaluate the indexes. Go back to field rules and make the field auto increment. While there go to the data entry tab and place .t. in the skip field. Now your next record should be one more than the highest entry.

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